So today I took a little time to draw and experiment with some new art markers that I picked up. I haven’t used markers for coloring very much previously, probably because I’m so partial to digital coloring, but I think this quick sketch turned out alright and it was good practice to get used to some new tools.

For the record, I used Prismacolor markers (brush, chisel, and fine tip), a couple Copic markers (brush tip), Sharpie fine point pens, Micron pens in various widths, one Faber Castell gray brush pen, and blue line lead for the sketch underneath.

Almost done. You can see the layering tests to the left. Just a few little changes to the floor section and we’re good.

Done! This sketch is a self-portrait of me on a lazy Sunday, enjoying tea and crosswords. The only thing that could make it better is football. (Soon enough!)

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